5th Nov - update to midiFx being submitted soon. Updated Audiobus and swing/humanise/%probability per step.

2nd Nov - v1.9 & MidiFx hits the stores - echo, compressor, limiter, filter, remapper, transposer, velocity switcher and %probability.
Also updated transpose to have it's own panel. 

15th April - v1.8 submitted to Apple - includes Audiobus 2 (presets) and Midi learn. The manual is currently being updated.

midiSequencer manualv1.7 - Updated 4th Sept 14

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midiSequencer not working with your interface or app?
If no output from midiSequencer please ensure you have midi out enabled by pressing the gray Midi Muted button. This will turn it yellow and show Midi Send (if there are any connected coreMidi apps or midi interfaces or you have enabled the options virtual or network).
Web announcements 
I maintain a product blog on midiSequencer facebook page - check this out if you want to learn what I'm working on! 

midiSequencer News: 

16th Sept 14

With v1.8 submitted to Apple, I can now focus on bringing two major features to midiSequencer - 1) enhanced logic (e.g. midibox seq ability to jump forward/back/repeat etc and %probability play & swing). 2) The rack version which will be an add-on to allow you to run multiple midiSequencers in a rack and interconnect them how you like (think of Reason racks here). There will be a master clock to allow you to sync all sequencers and the ability to create songs where the patterns are small sequences (1..16 steps). I will allow step type logic to apply to each pattern to allow you build up a song.

5th Sept 14

  Version 1.7 resubmitted to Apple. Awaiting review. Manual now fully updated.

  I'm working on a new app now, iMidi which will allow you (within Audiobus) to make multiple recordings of your midi performances as standard midi files. Modern pianoroll grid editing will also be available as an option.

6th Jul 14

  Working on v1.7 - Many IOS synths now offer alot of midi control, so midiSequencer is being upgraded from 4 to 16 midi cc's for your fine control! Many more updates included too.

  I'm also working on a new app to allow you to read, edit (piano roll, gestures etc) & write standard midi files. Check out the blog for details and screenshots

16th Apr 14

  MidiSequencerLite submitted to Apple! Free version with some limited functionality should be available in about a week.

  I have now replaced the key scale picker with a button entry - as it was too slow and not really practical to have the scroll picker for scales. Added Pentatonic (major & minor) and two wholetone scales (C,Db).

8th Mar 14 Status update

  It's been alot longer doing this update (and I nearly changed my day job) but I think it will be worth the effort as I now have midiBus replacing my own midi core routines. This delvers rock solid midi clock messages but did require alot of support code to be able to present a scrollable list of devices and be able to switch on/off interfaces & clocks etc.

  I have the output done, now working on the input, but this library allows me to consider sysex and program changes in future updates.

  Also added is conform to music scale. I took the decision to include flats, double flats etc (unlike thesys which just has sharps), unfortunately it's taking along while for me to map all enharmonic notes for keys! I've done all major and about to finish minor keys. Perhaps I should have stuck to # but it bothered me it wasn't correct.

10th Feb 14 status update

   Alot more work than I thought to bring you two major changes : Device listing and Banks of snapshots:

 The Device listing is complete and should make it easier to route midi in and out of MidiSequencer.

 The Bank saving is almost complete and instroduces the idea of a current bank to represent the 20 snapshots in the sequencer. You can load, save, create new and delete whole banks.

When this is complete, will release rather than add any additional functionality, which will be in the next release. 

  This release is now called v1.5 now as it's a major rewrite of midi and document saving.

18th Jan 14 Work progressing with v1.1

  Status : Coded - waiting final regression test

  •   Fixed bounce* logic with R & Rx resets
  •   x in noteTime was halting sequence
  •   Continued improving midi clock timing for BPM in other apps
  •   Removed audio glitch in other audio apps when switching to background   mode
  •   Options Panel virtual source/destinations were reversed
  •   Skip buttons brings up moveable panel for easy changes during play
  •   Added alert before exiting sequencer to main screen
  •   Clock multipler - now shows all 4 options(as buttons) at once for multiples
  •   Increased gate% to 400 to allow extended note on and overlapping notes.
  •   Fixed appoggiatura to be a tone above written rather than a semitone
  •   Added new ornament Acciaccatura
  •   Made it easier to select controls when at top or bottom (near inc/dec   buttons)
  •   Made it easier to select tempo & transpose controls
  •  Midi enabled at launch by default (use Settings to disable this)

   Status : Development In Progress for V1.1 (estimate 1-2w before submit)

  • Ability to save 20x snapshots as bank - named by user & date stamped.
  • Device listing with ability to activate(on/off), add latency (0-250ms), send/recv  clock(on/off), midi record (on/off) - where on can set record filter (note,vel, midi channel, CC1 &/or CC2). 
  • Transpose buttons (programmable) for quick selection
  • Performance rollout (invert key rotary, ornaments on/off, etc)
  • Ledger lines now more meaningful for control shown (Notes, Vel, Gate%, midiChannel, CC1 or 2)
  • Ongoing improvements in stability & accuracy.
  • Audiobus support
  • Carnatic ornamentation (ratcheting with 5,7,9 repeated notes per step)
  Status : Additional requested features
  • Additional ornaments (trills, turns, portamento slides etc).
  • Scales - ability to disable notes in a chromatic scale (per step) to all snap to scale on controls. Common (and uncommon) scales in a pick list. Candidate for v1.2
  • New skins. Might be an IAP as a lot of effort to reskin.
  • Ability to draw controls with gestures (e.g. swipe). Candidate for v1.2
  • multi-track - this will be developed as a new app using the midiSequencer as one track but with more modern look & feel. Each track will be able to be linked to another to allow transpositions & midi message cascading.